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All fabric is on a 150cm width base, unless stated differently and is purchased in 0.5 metre increments

1 unit = 0.5 metres 2 units = 1 metre etc

We will try to cut orders over 1m continuous where possible, however this cannot be guaranteed.

150cm wide
100% Polyester

PUL is predominantly used as the waterproofing/resistant layer in cloth nappies, cloth pads, nursing pads, training/incontinence/period undies, raincoats, swim bags, lunch bags etc.

Please note, whilst PUL can be laundered on 90°C washes and tumble dried, we do NOT recommend that you do so. In our extensive experience with PUL from many other brands and businesses, we feel it is common sense that tumble drying PUL to "test" the laminate, in fact exposes the laminated side to the hot dryer drum, and will therefore melt it. If you reach out to us to let us know our PUL delaminated in the dryer, we will not compensate you.

You should be washing your PUL (nappies, pads etc) on 2 x 40°C or 60°C washes for a pre-wash and main wash cycle, with the recommended laundry detergent. (See Clean Cloth Nappy Down Under for more details)