Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?
Currently we offer a discount for bulk orders which is 10% off when purchasing 10m or more of fabric.
Please use the code: bulk

 What payment options do you offer?

We offer the following:
– Afterpay
– Bank transfer (NZ only)
– GenoaPay
– Humm (previously Oxipay)
– Laybuy
– Paypal
– Traditional laybuy via Partial.ly. Please note that order will not be sent until 
   payment has been completed. If using this payment method for Pre-Order,     
   the laybuy needs to be paid in full by the end of the Pre-Order.

How long does a pre order take?

  • After the round closes, orders are collated and sent to the printer.
  • The SFQ printer checks image quality, confirmation of quantities. This could take 2-4 days depending on any issues and time zone differences.
  • Turnaround time (TAT) from printing to delivery at SFQ is 6-8 weeks
  • Fabric shipment is quality checked, separated and prepared for orders.
  • Orders are cut, packed and shipping notifications sent to customers.
  • Please join our Facebook group or look here for updates on each rounds as they process.
  • There could be significant delays with printing and shipping due to a variety of circumstances. I will try my best to keep everyone updated with as much information as I know.
  • We print with more than one printer so some bases, colours, processing and shipping times can vary.



  • If you would like to cancel an order after it is placed, please send me an email with your order number.
  • If it is a retail order, it will be cancelled if your label has not been created.
  • If a label has been created, you will be refunded your order amount less shipping fee.
  • If you would like to cancel and your order has already shipped, you are responsible for return shipping. Your refund will be processed once fabric is received by me and inspected.
  • Shipping will not be refunded.

Flaws/Colour/Missing Items Disclosure

Flaws/Colour Disclosure

  • Due to the nature of custom printed fabric, there may be minor flaws present. Flaws within 10cm of the selvage edge, on the back side of the fabric, or those smaller than 3cm x 3cm, are considered acceptable and will not be disclosed prior to shipment.
  • We are not responsible for insignificant flaws, dye transfer or bleeding during washing, damage during shipment, or fabric shipped to an incorrect address. Fabric will only be shipped to the address in selected during checkout.

Missing/Flawed Items

  • Please contact us within 7 business days of your package being received with any issues.
  • If you are missing any items from your order, or find a significant flaw in an item received, please contact me at sales@sassyfabricqueen.co.nz or private message me via Facebook.
  • All fabric must be measured BEFORE washing/cutting or altering in any way.
  • Any shortages will be refunded on a cm-by-cm base divided by the cost of fabric. Eg, if you paid $22 per metre and you were 1 cm short. 22/100 = .22. The cost per cm would be .22 cents. Therefore, you would receive a refund of .22 cents based on flaw (if it is not covered in the flaw policy) or shortage.
  • If you are measuring your fabric, please measure it in cms as per New Zealand Measurement and Weight Legislation.

Pre-Order Policy

  • Pre-Order pricing includes all fees including shipping to me. 
  • Retail orders aren't guaranteed.
  • In the event you ordered retail with your pre-order and we do not catch it, we do not and cannot guarantee the fabric will still be available when your pre-order arrives, and you will be refunded or given store credit at that time if it is not.
  • Pre-orders will be opened once a month. Turn around for each order to be submitted to the printer, printed, and shipped to me is 6-8 weeks. This time frame begins 2- days after the round ends.
  • This can run longer or shorter depending on holidays, storms, customs processing, government shut downs and also the size of the round etc.
  • We will keep you updated as to any delays that may happen on the Facebook VIP group
  • You can often find info about a round by typing the round name into the search box, with a hashtag, or the word, #update.
  • Once the fabric arrives, the page will be updated again with an estimated time for cutting.
  • It can take 3-4 business days to process the fabric, cut, ship, etc depending on the round size.
  • Fabric usually arrives to me within 6-8 weeks, but please understand that there are occasional delays, and it could take up to 16 weeks for pre-order fabric to arrive to me. 
  • If you choose the incorrect shipping at checkout - you will be invoiced for the remainder once the pre-order arrives. 
  • Please note that all fabric bases WILL absorb colour differently due to their fibre content. Natural fibres will absorb colours and inks very differently than synthetic man made fibres. THIS IS NOT A FLAW.
  • If you place multiple orders during a pre-order, excess shipping fees will be refunded when the fabric ships.  
  • Orders can not be edited once they are placed with our printer(s).